A monthly gathering of friends, old and new, on a quest to find new places and share memorable times over good food, amazing wine and a little music to make it all go down smoother.



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Skirt steak. Butternut Squash Polenta. Garlic Sautéed Kale. #thesuppercrew (at Seek The Unique)

Full crew. #thesuppercrew (at Seek The Unique)

Shrimp and Langoustine Picayune with a nice touch of rosemary. #thesuppercrew (at Seek The Unique)

I wonder what’s inside? (at Seek The Unique)

Seared scallops and bunch of yumminess. No time to explain the rest. Must eat. #thesuppercrew (at Seek The Unique)

Table set. Mood set. #thesuppercrew (at Seek The Unique)

The besties are arriving. @corynas is in the house. #thesuppercrew (at Seek The Unique)

#thesuppercrew #yum (at Seek The Unique)

Tonight’s red: a Ribera del Duero from the heart of Spain. Round and velvety, like the evening. #thesuppercrew (at Seek The Unique)

And we’re back! We continue our seasonal theme of Unique Spaces at a new favorite discovery, Seek The Unique. #thesuppercrew (at Seek The Unique)

Paella + Greens
(Taken with Instagram at One Grand Gallery)

Paella de Mariscos - Dungeness crab, prawns, claims, mussels, cuttlefish, sofrito, piquillo, peppers and saffron. #yum #foodporn (Taken with Instagram at One Grand Gallery)

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